Materials, Mechanics, Optics and Nanotechnology

The "Materials, Mechanics, Optics and Nanotechnology" speciality offers students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge, through research and development, in the area of materials, mechanical systems and local optical characterization of matter.

This specialty is based on 3 out of 8 research teams of the Institut Charles Delaunay of UTT : the Nanotechnology and Optical Instumentation team, the Mechanical Systems and Concurrent Engineering team and the Mesh Generation and Refinement team (common with the INRIA national research center).

This specialty offers a specialized curriculum in connection with the strong research aspects covered by the research laboratories.

At the national level, this specialty beneficiates from cooperation with research organizations such as CEA, IFP, NRIA, ONERA and companies: SAFRAN, Renault, AREVA, EDF, Thales and St Gobain.

It is also strongly connected to international partners: Argonne National Laboratory and University of North Florida, and has also developed PhD co-supervisions with TU Dortmund, Catholic University of Santiago de Chile, University of Cracovie, Lebanese University, National Central University (Tw)  and more recently Nanyang Technological University – Singapore.

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