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French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

Learn French in France

Short Courses

Please see the section "Intersemester short programs (August and Jan-Feb)"  /!\ Cancelled in summer 2024

Semester courses

1. Several levels of French as a Foreign Language are available throughout each semester (4 ECTS per course).
  • LFA1 French as a foreign language intensive class (European A1 level)
  • From the moment of their arrival, this course gives the basic foundations of communication skills to foreign students that have never taken French classes, so that they can handle very simple interactions in everyday life
  • LFA2 French as a foreign language intensive class (European A2 level)
  • This course allows students that have already studied French to further develop their communicative skills in order to further facilitate their everyday interactions
  • LFB1 French as a foreign language intensive class (European B1 level)
  • To master and call up your French knowledge during different oral communication situations
  • LFB2 French as a foreign language intensive class (European B2 level)
  • This course will have students develop their skills through particular communication sets: interviews, continuous speak up, surveys, etc...
2. Cross disciplinary courses taught in French (4 ECTS per course)
Those courses are entirely dependant on the number of people showing interest in them: we cannot guarantee that they will take place during the semester of your stay.
  • CVF1 – French songs and pronunciation (Fall and Spring semesters)
  • This course is offered to beginners (A1 and A2 levels) and will have students discover contemporary French songs and improve their pronunciation through songs
  • CVF3 – Gastronomy and cooking traditions in France (Spring semester) - download here the course description in French and here in English
  • This course is offered to foreign students from the B1 level and will have them discover French cuisine and gastronomy. It is split into theoretical and practical training sessions, both at the university and in the kitchens of a local hotel school where students will have the opportunity to cook traditional French meals.
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