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Courses in English

Study in English in France

UTT offers a large catalogue of courses to its students.
Most courses are fully taught in the French language but some courses can be taught exclusively and entirely in English or both in French and English. This depends largely on the number of foreign students enrolling in each course. Sometimes, an extra hour is given in order to review the elements that were introduced in French during the lectures. This method allows students to receive information in both languages and to improve their French language skills while getting some instruction in English.

The main idea behind this method is that while foreign students may require instruction in English they should not be isolated from French students. The UTT wants to offer students every opportunity to develop their language abilities (technical, scientific…) and to optimize their experience in France.

The courses at the UTT are divided in six categories:

Connaissances Scientifiques (CS)

CS courses develop vocabulary, knowledge and concepts that enable structure thinking, reasoning to analyze problems, to implement models and to propose methods of resolution. They allow the development of fundamental skills: the acquisition of scientific and technical knowledge.

Techniques et Méthodes (TM)

TM courses develop practical problem-solving methodologies and processes. These courses provide the tools and knowledge to solve complex problems in order to carry out projects. Thus, they complement the CS courses. They allow the development of fundamental skills: the mastery of the implementation of scientific and technical knowledge.

Expression et Communication (EC)

EC courses develop the ability to speak and communicate in French or in a foreign language. They bring together not only all the practical and useful tools for effective communication and expression in all situations but also the essential cultural knowledge for international interactions. They allow the development of fundamental skills: to understand and to express oneself.

Management de l’Entreprise (ME)

ME courses develop knowledge, expertise and methodologies applied to the management of the company in its technical and ethical aspects. They cover the accounting, financial, socio-economic and legal aspects that govern companies. They develop the spirit of entrepreneurship and bring the keys to innovation. They enable the development of fundamental skills: adapting to the specific requirements of the company and society, and taking into account the organizational dimension.

Humanités (HT)

HT courses aim to develop fundamental skills: analyzing complex problems with uncertainties and ethical issues, acquiring reflexivity on practices, autonomy of thought and critical mind, and developing creativity. They allow the personal and cultural dimensions to be taken into account.


There are also other courses at the UTT such as internships, student projects or master courses.

As an indication, a UTT student follows on average 6 courses per semester :
  • 4 courses chosen from the list of Connaissances Scientifiques (CS) and Techniques et Méthodes (TM) in the UTT catalogue
  • 2 courses chosen from the list of Expression et Communication (EC), Management de l’Entreprise (ME) and Humanités (HT) in the UTT catalogue
mise à jour le 29 février 2024