University of Technology of Troyes

Life at UTT


Great student life!

Vast campus

35,000 m² of purpose-built facilities set in beautiful natural surroundings, offering:

  • 2,200 m² of library and documentation facilities
  • 2 industrial work platforms spanning 2,200 m²
  • 1 sports hall and another multi-purpose facility spanning 4,000 m²
  • University restaurant and student accommodation
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Campus-wide environmental awareness commitment


World-class facilities

  • Mechanical engineering workshop in the industrial work platforms
  • Language laboratory with 36 student workstations
  • A factory mockup
  • University library: 35,000 volumes, 10,000 databases, 420 study places
  • A 500-seat lecture hall
  • WiFi access throughout the campus
  • Student card offering access to a range of services


Outstanding sports facilities

  • A sports hall including a competition-grade climbing wall
  • 50 different physical, sports and artistic activities to choose from
  • In addition, just next door to the campus is a sports ground offering an athletics track and Olympic-size swimming pool, and housing the Troyes Institute of Sports Medicine.
  • 90% of UTT students are active members of sports clubs and 400 regularly compete in events organized by the French University Sports Federation (FFSU).
  • 160 students are enrolled on sports study programs.
  • Tailored study programs for top-level athletes and gifted artists.


Strong sense of community and a lively campus

Very dynamic Student Activities Office (BDE)

40 student clubs and associations


The University recognizes and actively encourages students' involvement the different associations by:

  • Subsidizing activities through the Student Initiative Development Fund (FSDIE)
  • Recognizing outstanding individual commitments in the form of a special commendation on the student's degree certificate and the Ellipse* Prize Scheme


Student welfare


A Substance Abuse Prevention Policy (including alcohol) is in place at UTT.

The University physician and nurse are available on campus for medical care consultation.


Why study in Troyes?

Troyes is a medium-size lively, friendly city.

  • Population of 120,000 (Greater Troyes)
  • Student population of 9,000
  • 1:30 hours from Paris
  • A rich cultural heritage
  • Close to the extensive Forêt d’Orient natural park
  • 12,000 acres of lakes
  • Champagne vineyards (17,000 acres)
  • Many leading fashion brands available at factory prices


The Ellipse Prize is awarded annually to an individual graduate student who has demonstrated all-round academic excellence, has a keenly scientific mind, contributes actively to student’s community life,  is culturally very open-minded as well as being an active sports person.

  • 2004 prizewinner: Anne-Lise Fevre – Industrial Systems graduate (GSI)
  • 2005 prizewinner: Gregory Lannou – Mechanical Systems graduate (GSI)
  • 2006 prizewinner: Nicolas Honoré – Industrial Systems graduate (GSI)
  • 2007 prizewinner: Gary Vigier – Computing & Information Systems graduate (SI)
  • 2008 prizewinner: Adrien Aurousseau – Mechanical Systems graduate (SM)
  • 2009 prizewinner: Tangui Carré – Telecommunication and Information Systems graduate (SIT)
  • 2010 prizewinner: François Dumoulin – Materials Technology and Economics graduate (MTE)

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