Academic programs

UTT allows students to customize their engineering degrees according to their needs and interests, offering a wide range of options from undergraduate through doctoral study level. In addition, the University is developing a growing catalog of work-integrated learning (WIL) programs, involving vocational degrees, master's degrees and certain aspects of the standard engineering degree program. An extensive range of continuing education courses is also available.

The five-year engineering degree program, equivalent to a Master degree, is approved by CTI, France's independent engineering degree accreditation body. During the first two years, students follow a number of core subjects and then choose to specialize in one of the following areas for the remaining three years:

  • Industrial Systems (SI)
  • Informatics and Information Systems (ISI)
  • Systems, Networks and Telecommunications (SRT)
  • Mechanical Systems (SM)
  • Materials Science and Technology (MTE)
  • Materials Processes and Manufacture (PMOM)

In addition to their chosen technical and scientific programs, all students follow more general courses in business studies and management and at least one foreign language. Students enrolled on the five-year engineering degree program are required to spend at least one semester abroad, either on a course of study or as an intern in industry. In today's competitive workforce, this experience allows students to be well-prepared to work for international organizations.


Exemplary pedagogical approach:

  • A modular course structure which actively encourages students to gain independence and allows them to customize their study programs as from the first year.
  • Synergy between teaching and research: instruction is provided by teachers who are also researchers, and the University offers a fully integrated doctoral school.
  • Strong ties with industry: long-term internships, teaching by experts from the world of industry.
  • International reach: mandatory period abroad for all students, dual international degrees, emphasis on proficiency in at least one foreign language.

Maximizing the student experience: tutoring program to provide academic support; wide range of student associations, societies and sports clubs; targeted support services for international students: tailored study programs for top-level athletes and gifted artists; active support for finding accommodation and employment; a modern, spacious purpose-built campus located in the friendly, welcoming city of Troyes.

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