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New collaboration between Northwestern State University of Louisiana and UTT

Publié le 28 mars 2024 Mis à jour le 2 avril 2024

le 28 mars 2024

The President of Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Dr. Marcus Jones, accompanied by Ms. Kecia Neal from the University of Louisiana System office, visited UTT on March 27, 2024. On this occasion, Dr. Jones and Pr Collet signed an Agreement to foster cooperation between both institutions.

This cooperation takes its origins through two combined actions, both involving  the association “CLUSTER PATRIMOINE BÂTI 4.0”, also referred to as CPB 4.0, located in Troyes, France:

Prof. Leila MERGHEM-BOULAHIA and Dr. Moez ESSEGHIR, both researchers in the UTT Computer Science and Digital Society (LIST3N) Research Unit, started to contribute to a project led by CPB 4.0 called “IoT patrimoine bâti / IoT-Built Heritage”, Internet of Things (IoT) being a turning point in the technical management of buildings.

On another hand, CPB 4.0 and NSULA implemented a Framework Agreement signed on March 25, 2024, to cooperate around deployment of the IoT system in buildings in Louisiana.

This cross collaboration around the IoT-Built Heritage project between institutions of various status entails research in AIoT, students’ exchange, continuing education for professional staff, double degrees, etc.

The stakeholders are facing big challenges together:
  • Obtain the first label which will be delivered by the French national Institute of digital in construction, this institute was created in Fall 2023 by the Build and Connect competitiveness cluster
  • Exceptional test sites scheduled (among which the French Parliament building)
  • Significant agreements and consortia being negotiated at national and international levels.
mise à jour le 02 avril 2024