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An International university

UTT welcomes many international students as well as international professors and scientists who can take advantage of the exceptional environment.

The university actually has around 24% of international students from undergraduates to postgraduates.

The university is ranked among the top 5 engineering universities.

Degrees at the UTT

UTT is fully accredited to deliver engineering, master and doctorate degrees.


For the engineering degree, UTT provides training in 5 years with its own integrated preparatory class to obtain the French title of engineer, equivalent to the degree of master.

More information on engineering training at UTT.


The UTT National Diploma in Science, Technology and Health (DNM) is a two-year course.

6 tracks :
  • Optics and nanotechnologies – ONT (delivered in English)
  • Mechanics, Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Process - MMPA
  • Information systems security - SSI
  • Systems' Optimization and Security -OSS
  • Sustainable and Environmental Management and Engineering - IMEDD
  • Global Applied Security Management and Engineering - IMSGA
More information about the masters at UTT.


UTT has its own doctoral school (about 180 doctoral students).

If you hold the Master's degree and your training course attests your aptitude for research, the Doctoral School n ° 361 "Sciences and Technologies" offers you to carry out your thesis work in one of its different specialties PhD within the Charles Delaunay Institute.

More information on the doctorate at UTT.


For all incoming students, it is mandatory to register with Campus France in your country (for non-Europeans) as well as on our online platform.

For free movers, students wishing to come to the UTT outside of any partnership program, it is also necessary to register with Campus France in your country. The registration number that will be assigned to you will be requested when submitting your application to UTT. (You can not use the online platform).

Through Campus France, you will have to pass the “TCF” (Test de Connaissance du Français) and send your file to the Consulate of France to obtain your visa. A good knowledge of the French language is essential. In case of admission, you will be requested to justify sufficient income to stay in France.