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UTT partner of first French project on medical care at home

The September 21, 2012

UTT is an active partner in the PICADO project, the first one launched in France in the field of medical care at home (« domomédecine »). It has the objective to develop an innovative and multi-purpose technological infrastructure for medical care in domestic environment. The project benefits from support by the "Académie des sciences", the competitivity cluster SYSTEM@TIC as well as by the authorities of the Ile-de-France and the Champagne-Ardenne regions. PICADO is driven by 8 partners : 3 academic institutions (UTT, URCA - University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne -  and INSERM, the national French Institute on medical research) and 5 industry partners (Altran, AXON, BLUELINEA, FSI and  VOLUNTIS).  The projet runs over a period of 36 months and has a budget of €5,5 million.

PICADO aims to conceive, build and test the first operational system of medical care for people at home, adaptable to multiple pathologies such as cancer, neurodegenerative pathologies and diabetes, and based on the principle to preserve the autonomy of the inidvidual . « Domomédecine » defines as all medical treatment that is dispensed at the patient’s home or during his or her professional activity, in order to sustain the patient’s autonomy at home or at work.

The UTT scientists involved in the project (Jacques Duchene, David Hewson, Myriam Lewkowicz) contribute their expertise mainly in four areas :

• New generation sensors and the combined software developments
• Scenario-based design methodology
• ICT for social interaction (among patients and/or carers)
• Specification and engineering of evaluation protocols ipate in the tourn

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