Systems Optimisation and Dependability

This speciality is designed for students interested in the reliability of complex systems, and the optimization of production and distribution systems:

  • Reliability of systems
  • Information processing for system monitoring
  • Detection, localization and diagnosis of failures
  • Planning and optimization of maintenance
  • Production Planning and scheduling
  • Logistics

This specialty is based on 2 out of 8 research teams of UTT: the Industrial Systems Optimization team and the Systems Modeling and Dependability team.

The theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects are approached simultaneously. Many research projects are defined and carried out in collaboration with large French and foreign laboratories as well as with industrial partners. Looking at the fields offered, the industrial potential is clear.

The areas covered are the reliability of complex systems and the optimization of production and distribution systems: reliability of systems, maintenance planning and optimization, decision theory and pattern recognition applied to system monitoring, localization and diagnosis of failures, combinatorial problems for scheduling and placement, production flows, transport and distribution optimization.

The diversity of the topics approached clearly highlights the fact that this speciality is offered to a wide range of students. The industrial importance is obvious: the actions of monitoring and diagnosis associated with reliability studies make it possible to ensure the availability of a system at the best cost; in the case of production systems, a greater availability as well as optimization of tools have become necessary conditions for companies to remain competitive.

The corresponding program initiates students with research problems involving both the scientific and industrial communities.

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