Sociotechnical Engineering of Knowledge, Networks and Sustainable Development

The “Sociotechnical Engineering of Knowledge, Networks and Sustainable Development” speciality is based on multidisciplinary research teams at UTT (CREIDD, Tech-CICO and ERA). The aim of this specialty is to provide PhD students with abilities to develop the future sociotechnical systems by integrating technological aspects (information systems, networks, advanced interactive systems), human and organizational aspects (communication, co-operation) and environmental aspects (individual and collective behaviour in relation with the principles of sustainable development).

There are strong collaborations with external research teams : LIP6, INT, ENST, COSTECH-UTC, GSCOP form the university Joseph Fourier, Grenoble.

The specialty ISOCORD is based on a wide scientific domain. However, its objective is not only to develop new knowledge but also to apply it to organizations (telecommunication operators, big companies with large information systems, society).

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