The PhD studies at UTT

Within the framework of post-graduate programmes at UTT, the Doctoral School "Science and Technology" offers Doctoral degrees in 3 specialities.

The programmes offered by the Doctoral School correspond to the scientific fields covered by the laboratories at the UTT. This allows young researchers, in addition to their research work in the laboratories, high level scientific training and an excellent preparation for their future professional life.

The specialities of Doctorate (Ph.D.) are as follows:

Each speciality offers high level scientific modules (hourly volume: 21h per module). The Doctoral School also offers a certain number of transverse modules, directed in particular towards professional preparation (“SHIP”).

Finally the student can validate modules taken in other specialities at UTT, or even other institutions or organizations. The students choose their modules after discussion with their research supervisor (when one has already been chosen).

The organization of the students’ programmes is common to all specialities of the doctoral school.

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