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Systems Optimization and Security


This program aims to give students the means to carry out a search for quality, either industrial or university based, in fields relating to the control of industrial processes. The topics developed are reliability of complex systems (reliability, monitoring and maintenance), and production optimization and distribution systems. Based on a coherent methodological base, the OSS program is organized around two main themes:

  • The optimization of the industrial processes: these courses are based on the modelling of production and distribution systems, with the objective of optimizing production and logistic flow management;
  • Information processing and decision-making for system monitoring and safety: these courses aim to give students the tools and methods that will enable them to identify and characterize the running of a system, to assess its performance and to forecast, detect and control the appearance of random events (failures), and finally, to decide on the appropriate responses to the system.



In the first year, are admitted holders of a European degree in EEA, data processing, statistics, applied mathematics, or physics (or other degrees accepted by the admissions committee) awarded with at least 180 ECTS credits.

In order to apply to the second year, students should be in their final year at the Universities of Technology (UTT, UTC, UTBM) or other engineering schools, holders of a Bachelor’s degree in EEA, data and information processing, statistics, applied mathematics, or physics (or other Masters accepted by the admissions committee), graduates of IUP in industrial engineering, information systems, electric engineering, industrial information systems, mechanical engineering, and computer-integrated manufacturing, as well as holders of equivalent foreign degrees with at least 240 ECTS credits.


Potential Careers

For students wishing to continue towards a doctorate, in order to integrate research and development departments within high-tech companies, research organizations or higher education, this research Master will be a compulsory prerequisite. For those who wish to follow an industrial career, this Master’s program will initiate them to industrial research and technology transfer. The industrial goal of this program is clear as the courses in the "System Optimization and Security" (safety and monitoring of systems, computer-integrated manufacturing, logistics...) specialization cover essential fields for many branches of the industry (energy, transport, automotive and aeronautical engineering, services...)


How to apply:

Application for Master degree must only be achieved through the admission website:

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The master's degree is awarded only to students who have reached a certain level of proficiency in a second language. Non-native French speakers can choose French as their second language.

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