Agro-resources and Composite materials engineering

The IAMC program offers students scientific tools and techniques in the new field of composite agro-materials originating from vegetable resources. This formation is shared between three French partner universities, and takes place on different sites: Université de Technologie de Troyes, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, and Université Picardie Jules Vernes.



The objective of this formation is to learn how to create, shape, characterize, and recycle materials originating from natural resources. This formation includes the knowledge of experimental and digital tools as well as the following fields:

  • the experimental physics, mechanics, and chemistry needed for the characterization of composite agro-materials’ basic components;
  • the digital simulation used for the modelling of the shaping processes, and for the dimensioning and the calculation of agro-material structures.

This formation offers courses relating to:

  • the development of composite agro-materials with thermoplastic and mineral matrix, and with vegetable reinforcement;
  • the physical, chemical and mechanical characterization of ago-materials;
  • the necessary tools to design finished agro-material products;
  • CAD, modelization, prototyping;
  • The new standard tests.



In the first year, applications are invited from holders of a European degree in mechanics, physics, chemistry, biology and/or materials. Professionals in the field of agro-materials can also be admitted.

In the second year, applications are invited from holders of a Master in mechanics, physics, chemistry, biology, materials, or any engineering degree whose syllabus contains basic training in one of these fileds. Engineering students from UTC, UTBM and UTT in their final year, as well as holders of equivalent foreign degrees with at least 240 ECTS credits, and professionals in the field of agro-materials can also apply.


Potential carrers

Currently, the media and populations’ pressure for sustainable development is creating new markets for agricultural products, especially for agro-resources in non-food uses. In addition to biofuels, agro-materials with a great potential for recycling are now entering the wrapping and packaging market.


The setting up of the worldwide competitive IAR center (Industry – Agro-Resources) in Champagne Ardenne and Picardie, and the important number of member businesses have naturally imposed the existence of high-flying and innovating formations leaning towards a future which is closely linked to the promotion of renewable natural resources. The IAMC specialization is clearly meant for the development of non-food agro-resources.


How to apply:

Application for Master degree must only be achieved through the admission website:

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The master's degree is awarded only to students who have reached a certain level of proficiency in a second language. Non-native French speakers can choose French as their second language.