Engineering degree

The Troyes University of Technology is a public institution awarding degrees and diplomas that are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Education at the UTT is designed as an arborescent structure: Common Core Curriculum, followed by the Common Core of Major studies, and finally the Major with its chosen specialization so that the students can gradually build up their own curriculum.

The Common Core Curriculum takes up the first two years of the engineering cycle. Its objective is to provide a solid academic background and a common basis for the Major studies (years 3-5).


This Common Core Curriculum ensures:
  • A general background enabling students to enter any of the engineering Majors taught at the UTT.

    It includes scientific subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and technical subjects such as computer science, technical drawing, and manufacturing.
  • The ability to improve written and oral communication skills, both in French and in a foreign language. This dimension is emphazised by specific teaching methods and tutoring (training and placements, scientific and/or technical studies).
  • A background in social sciences, which will become increasingly useful for future engineers.
  • The opportunity of a progressive apprenticeship in an autonomous activity within the university through integration in one of the various students’ associations and outside the university through short training periods.

The Common Core Curriculum allows students to discover the world of industry and technology and to prepare for the engineering Majors taught at the UTT. It enables them to confirm their motivation and helps them in the choice of a Major (branche).

Progressively, students begin to receive teaching more geared towards the Major they have chosen:

  • Industrial Systems (SI)
  • Informatics and Information Systems (ISI)
  • Systems, Networks and Telecommunications (SRT)
  • Mechanical Systems (SM)
  • Materials Science and Technology (MTE)
  • Materials Processes and Manufacture (PMOM)