Systems, Networks and Telecommunications

To manage enterprises or operators networks, by implementing mobile technologies and information security

The wired or mobile telecommunication networks must be customized for enterprises for they have effects on the organizations structures: logistics, e-commerce, collaborative processes with partners, network enterprises.

The SRT engineer is the project owner in this field. He/she analyses what already exists, writes down the needs and gives the solutions. He manages the delays and costs.

Core courses:

  • Fixed, wireless and mobile networks
  • Corporate networks
  • Embedded systems
  • Systems and networks security
  • Information systems
  • Informatics

Competences of the Systems, Networks and Telecommunications engineer:

  • to analyse and manage networks administration tools
  • to define an administration strategy
  • to measure the performance and if it fits the needs
  • to define and implement a security management policy
  • to design networks solutions integrating mobiles technologies
  • to assure the systems and networks security

Specializations (Filières):

Networks integration

Implementation of enterprises networks with the help of operators’ technologies and networks.

Specific competences:

  • IP networks
  • Networks administration
  • Mobile networks
  • Networks security

Mobile technologies and embedded systems

Applications and uses of mobile technologies and embedded systems, content optimization depending on the communication constraints.

Specific competences:

  • Mobile networks and embedded systems
  • Sensors networks
  • Robotics
  • Applications to position determination technology

Systems security and communications

Security of computer systems in order to assure users authentification, protect information access and keep the data confidentiality and integrity, etc.

Specific competences:

  • Information processing tools
  • Cryptography
  • Systems and networks security
  • Modeling of information systems security

Related laboratories:

  • ERA (Autonomous Networks Environments): networks analysis and modeling
  • LM2S: Systems Modeling and Dependability