Informatics and Information Systems

To design, integrate and optimize computer solutions for information management in companies

The informatics are the core of the company. The collection, processing and memorization of the digital data are very strategic.

The Informatics and Information Systems engineer is the link between the users and technicians implementing the solutions.

He/she analyses, designs, evaluates and manages methods for secured information collection, storage and exchange in companies or companies networks

Core courses:

  • Informatics
  • Information systems architecture
  • Processus modeling
  • The main applications of information systems
  • Knowledge engineering
  • Information systems security

Competences of the Informatics and Information Systems engineer:

  • To define the functional architecture of an information system
  • Implement the methods and tools for enterprise risks management
  • Design and implement collaborative applications

Specializations (Filières):

Information Systems Management

The main information systems applications

Specific competences:

  • Information systems management and modeling
  • Knwoledge engineering
  • Decisional architectures
  • Organizations sociology
  • Information systems security

Softwares’ Management

Implementation of softwares’ components in information systems

Specific competences:

  • Iterative design
  • Rapid prototyping of softwares
  • Software quality
  • Services oriented architecture
  • E-commerce

Information Risk’s Management

Design, methods and techniques for security management in information systems

Specific competences:

  • Regulation and legal aspects of information systems security
  • Security management
  • Information management and design
  • Software quality

Related laboratories:

  • Tech-CICO (Co-operation Technology for Innovation and Organizational Change): informatics for human and social purposes
  • ERA (Autonomous Networks Environments): networks analysis and modeling