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Application Procedure

Is my university a partner with UTT?

To know how and where to apply students need to check if their home University is a partner with UTT.

Students coming from a partner university

For those who are studying at one UTT partner university, please contact at first the International Relations Office at your university regarding the application procedure for going on exchange and to get the approval of the university.

To apply, please create an account and fill in the relevant forms on our Online portal.
Please take into account that you need to write your entire application in Latin letters: our platform does not support any other kind of alphabet and it will lead to issues with processing your application if you do not use Latin letters.

For the non-European students, please register as well on CampusFrance.

We strongly advise international students to come for our "Intersemester short programs (August and Jan-Feb)" organized before each semester.

French language courses are also taught during the semester for international students. More information about the "Intersemester short programs (August and Jan-Feb)"


Important: your application will be processed only if it is signed by the person in charge at your home university unless you have previously been nominated by email at this incoming@utt.fr by your university.

Deadlines for nomination and application:
  • Autumn semester: April 15th
  • Spring semester: October 15th
Dates for the Admission board:
Note that the acceptance letters are delivered following the Admission board.
  • Autumn semester: May 15th
  • Spring semester: November 15th

Students coming from a non-partner university

For those who are studying in a university, which does not have any partnership with UTT, it is still possible to study at UTT by paying the tuition fees as a regular student.

For the non-European students, please register as well on CampusFrance.

The registration number that will be assigned to students will be requested when submitting their application to UTT.

Free movers can not use the International Office online platform but they need to apply on the plateform dedicated to the academic program of their choice (more information here).

Good to know!

Through Campus France, you will have to pass the “TCF” (Test de Connaissance du Français) and send your file to the Consulate of France to obtain your visa. A good knowledge of the French language is essential. In case of admission, you will be requested to justify sufficient income to stay in France.
mise à jour le 26 avril 2024