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Sports at UTT

Sports play an important part of the students' life at the university. Sports are not compulsory, but their practice is strongly encouraged.
Students wishing to take part must subscribe to the sports union (22 Euros per semester).

There are more than 40 sporting activities on offer. For certain activities there may be a small surcharge.

Students may also participate in different university competitions. The following activities are normally on offer

Special events and competitions

During the academic year, many sporting events take place and some of them are organised by the university. Students are encouraged to participate both as competitors and organisers. For example, students have been involved in the following type of events:

  • Parachutisme
  • Karting
  • Week end raquettes
  • Les Olympus
  • Telethon
  • Bowling
  • Week end Extrem
  • Ski

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