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Exchange Programs

Exchange programs : a unique experience

Nowadays, engineers must adapt and work quickly in new and multicultural environments.

An international experience has become a key point for recruiters and in the professional world. This period of exchange is a good way for students to get familiar with an international environment, to learn a foreign language and especially to obtain additional and complementary competences.

If you are looking for a unique experience abroad for 1 or 2 semesters in a renowned university, the UTT is on top of your list!

The UTT has more than 140 agreements with international renowned universities. Via those agreements, tuition fees are waived for students from those partners who come to UTT for 1 or 2 semesters.

It is also possible to combine a semester of study with a semester of internship during your exchange at UTT, the internship taking place during the 2nd semester.

It's also possible to do an internship within one of UTT's laboratories (combined or not with a semester of studies).

Is my university a partner with UTT?

For those who are studying at one UTT partner university, please contact at first the International Relations Office at your university regarding the application procedure for going on exchange.

For those who are studying in a university which doesn’t have any partnership with UTT, it is still possible to study at UTT by paying the tuition fees.

For the non-European students, please register as well on CampusFrance.

We strongly advise international students to come for our intensive French course (or summer/winter schools) organized before each semester.

French language courses are also taught during the semester for international students.

More information about the summer/winter school

Online portal for applications

To apply to the UTT for a semester of exchange or a double degree please create an account and fill in the relevant forms on our Online portal.


Important: your application will be processed only if it is signed by the person in charge at your home university unless you have previously been nominated by email at this incoming@utt.fr by your university.

Deadlines for application:
  • Autumn semester: April 15th
  • Spring semester: October 15th

Dates for the Admission board:
Note that the acceptance letters are delivered following the Admission board.
  • Autumn semester: May 15th
  • Spring semester: November 15th