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Bachelor’s degree in Data for Sustainability

Bachelor’s degree in Data for Sustainability


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General informations

Training location
  • Université de Technologie de Troyes

  • 6 months

Entry and exit levels

Prerequisites for enrolment
  • French Baccalaureate or equivalent

Degree awarded
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering


The Data for Sustainability bachelor’s degree program aims at providing managers and decision-makers with new data indicators for the management of industrial activities. The graduates will have the required competences to understand the value chain of companies and to identify the major challenges in terms of data management for sustainable development. These competences allow the identification and production of relevant indicators using data science techniques that will guide decisions regarding the evolution of production in order to answer major contemporary issues.
The Bachelor’s degree program allows learning the techniques of:  
•    Data Sciences : extraction and processing ;
•    Sustainability studies : challenges and solutions in the industry and society;
•    Organization Management : new organizations and value chains.

Courses are spread over 6 semesters (3 full years) of which the last one is an internship in an organization. The Institut Services et Industries du Futur de Troyes is of great support to connect students with economic organizations and research laboratories.

Similarly, a semester abroad is mandatory. UTT’s International Relations Service provide students with mobility opportunities all over the world at partner institutions.




Prerequisites for enrolment


How to apply: please contact direction-bachelor-data@utt.fr


Data processing :  

Source identification, collection and formalization, storage and management, classification and aggregation, visualization and machine learning;  

Organizations :

Management, business modelling, sociology of organizations and value chains;

Sustainability :

Challenges, innovation techniques, future industry, criteria and data for sustainability;

Project management :

Agility, audit, specification, modeling, development and implementation of  software architecture related to data processing.


Data Law and Ethics


Semester Abroad : 6 months

Work-study programme

Only the last year.

What's next ?

Job opening

• Data Manager, Big Data Manager, Database Administrator
• Data Analyst, Data Miner, Statistical Researcher, Data Mining Manager, Decision Analyst
• Sustainability Consultant, Business Analyst, Analyst and Reporting
• Data Protection Officer