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High level research

Conducted under the auspices of the (ICD), research at UTT is pursued with a strong common focus on risk management science and technology (RMST).  UTT is a founding member of the 3SGS Scientific Interest Group (SIG) created to build a community focusing on the surveillance, safety and security of large complex systems. In addition, UTT is a member of the National Council for Strategic Education and Research (CSFRS), whose role is to coordinate and facilitate global security research projects conducted in France.

The eight research teams at the Charles Delaunay Institute bring together their complementary skills on an interfaculty basis to address the critical safety and security issues facing the world today.

UTT's research teams are organized into centers of excellence, allowing us to draw maximum benefit from cross-disciplinary synergies and work on a project-management basis.

Building research partnerships with industry is one of the University's top priorities. UTT, along with Compiègne University of Techology, is a member of the Carnot Institute Network of scientific research professionals set up to build and maintain partnerships with industry.

UTT research teams

  • – Sustainable Development
  • – Autonomous Networks
  • – Mechanical Systems and Concurrent Engineering
  • – System Safety Modeling
  • – Nanotechnology and Optical Instrumentation
  • – Industrial System Optimization
  • – Cooperative Technologies for Collective Interaction and Knowledge
  • (UTT/INRIA) – Advanced Automatic Mesh Generation Techniques

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Institut Charles Delaunay
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