Study in English in France!!!

The UTT offers a large catalogue of courses to its students.

Classes can be taught exclusively and entirely in English or both in French and English.This depends largely on the number of foreign students enrolling in each course. Sometimes, an extra hour is given in order to review the elements that were introduced in French during the lectures. This method allows students to receive information in both languages and to improve their French language skills while getting some instruction in English. English bibliography is provided and examinations can be written in English.

The main idea behind this method is that while foreign students may require instruction in English they should not be isolated from French students. The UTT wants to offer to his students every opportunity to develop their language abilities (technical, scientific…) and to optimize their experience in France.


> Master in Optics and Nanotechnologies in English

New course for exchange students opening Spring 2018:  French Cuisine

> List of courses taught in English for exchange students

(Please note that some classes are subject to a sufficient number of registered student.Please check the complete syllabus in the catalogue of courses.)

Course codeCourse titleFallSpringECTSDetails
ACPersonal study projectXX6FRA + ENG
CL04Design and management of logistical chains:
coordination of client-provider relations
CS01Value analysis and Functional Analysis X6FRA + ENG
CS03Project managementXX6FRA + ENG
EV00Prospective and philosophy of the environmentXX4FRA + ENG
EV02Environmental economics X4FRA + ENG
EV04Environmental risks: management and controversiesXX4FRA + ENG
FQ05Statistics and probability for operational security and feedbackX 6FRA + ENG
GE44Multicultural approach of business and managementXX4ENG
GL02Programming engineering foundationsX 6FRA + ENG
GP17Planning and sequencing of production X6FRA + ENG
IFA2Modelling for Information Systems analysis and design X6ENG
IFA6Computer Supported Collaborative Work (for non-French speakers)X 6ENG
IF08Software Project Management X6FRA + ENG
IF15Knowledge engineering X 6FRA + ENG
IF24Integrated management programs, SAPs X FRA + ENG
LE18World Heritage X4ENG
LO133D computer graphics: theory and applications X6FRA + ENG
LO15Product lifecycle management and collaborative engineeringX 6FRA + ENG
LX00Bilingual tandemXX4FRA + ENG
MA20Materials analysis and microscopic characteristics X6FRA + ENG
MA21Materials analysis and macroscopic characteristics X6FRA + ENG
MATH02Mathematic tools for the engineerXX6ENG
MA04Materials chemistry  X6FRA + ENG
ME05Material Flow Analysis X  FRA + ENG
MO12Near field optics: theoretical and technological aspectsX 4 ENG
MO13Optical spectroscopyX 4FRA + ENG
MO23Numerical and mathematical methods in opticsX 4FRA + ENG
MQ01Strength of MaterialsX 6FRA + ENG
MQ03Dynamics and vibrations of mechanical systemsX 6FRA + ENG
MQ06Modeling structures using finite elements X6FRA + ENG
MT14Operational research X6FRA + ENG
NF18PLM interoperability, services and
virtualization oriented architectures
NT01Nanotechnologies and the industryX 4 ENG
OP01Optic and optoelectronic materialsX 6FRA + ENG
OS11Algorithmics and models for logistics and transportationX 6FRA + ENG
RE1ACorporate networksX 6ENG
RE04Internet networks X6FRA + ENG
RE12Networks services  X6FRA + ENG
RE13Wireless and mobile networksX 6FRA + ENG
SY13Automatic control of industrial systems X6FRA + ENG
SY15Industrial systems mock-up X6FRA + ENG
SY17Preliminary design of production systemsX 6FRA + ENG
TN12Research departement elements X6FRA + ENG
TN14Initiation into CAD : geometric modelingX 6FRA + ENG
TN16Concurrent engineering and CAD/CAM support X6FRA + ENG
TXLaboratory projectXX6FRA + ENG

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